Rockton World’s Fair

The Rockton World’s Fair is a family tradition many hold close to their hearts each Thanksgiving weekend as we remember how grateful we are for fair food (Panzerolli’s, Poutine and Mini Donuts – to name a few of my faves), the Demolition Derby, the largest pumpkins, pie eating contests, and carnival rides. Oh, and family. Also grateful for family.rockton fair games.png

I’ve been going to the Rockton Fair for as long as I can remember. Neither my husband or I have missed a year, and now that we’ve got two kids ourselves, we continue the tradition each Thanksgiving weekend. First stop – The Panzerolli Wagon. This might just be a personal choice here, but that place is a staple at the Rockton Fair and everyone knows about it, and boasts about it. Thursday nights are Toonie Thursdays where each Midway ride is only $2 but the best part about it (for you families with kids), there are no lines! You basically get the place to yourself which is ideal when you’ve got an 18 month old who would rather touch the ketchup dispensers, and steal the rubber ducks from the carnival games than go on rides. This makes it easier for our 5 year old who loves them!rockton fair carosel.png

Friday nights the Midway starts at 4pm and you can get yourself an “All You Can Ride” bracelet and enjoy being tossed around the rides that I used to love as a kid and now get nauseous looking at as I walk by. If you’re smart, you’ll stand under the really scary ones and catch the cell phones and wallets that fall off the passengers. At night, bring your blankets and your ear plugs to the Demolition Derby and watch the drivers immitate mall parking lots a week before Christmas. It’s loud, and smokey, and another must see at the fair.

rockton fair derby.jpg

Throughout the days and nights, there are showcases for some beautiful animals which many have been raised by and cared for by kids. The exhibition buildings are also open to showcase artwork by school aged children, crafts from the young and old, baby shows, spelling bee, talent show, karaoke, and the famous pie eating contest (aka: me at Thanksgiving dinner)

rockton fair horses.jpg

It’s entirely worth coming out to enjoy the weekend with your family, but first, stop by participating Scotiabank locations to get a deal on your fair tickets, then bring your camera and have a great time! I’ll definitely see you there!

 rockton fair welcome sign.png

rockton fair donuts.png

rockton fair donuts 2.png

rockton fair concession.png

rockton fair poutine.png

rockton fair cow.jpg

Pictures taken from and personal iPhone pictures.



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