About Us

We are Kristie, Morgan, Nova and Luna. A family of four, living on love.

As business owners, Morgan and I have been blessed to create our schedules so we can be with our kids before and after school/daycare, but we had realized that our own date life had fizzled into nothingness.

I mean, FIZZLED.

Our parents would offer to babysit the kids so we could go out, and we’d go grocery shopping.

Out of the blue, as true signs are given, I had the idea of creating a date blog. I am not a writer, and obviously don’t do dates well so this was interesting, but the feeling was strong so I went with it. I figured it would at least force us to get more creative with our dates together, and our family time, and would likely help others along the way!

So here we are.

Just the four of us + you.

Let’s live this life the way we are meant to, shall we? Let’s make time to make moments, because life is too short, and milestones are not made to be missed. xo